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The Martini: Can you think of any other cocktail so widely embraced, yet so subjected to personal whim? For this assignment for PUNCH, I explored the science of the the subtle variations the stir, the shake, and the throw (yes, the throw) lead to when you’re mixing up your Martini. (Photo by Lizzie Munro/PUNCH.) [READ]

Cocktails have seemingly gotten expensive in recent years. What's behind their prices? Are bars simply taking advantage of our gullibility? Or are the numbers based on the realities of running a service business? I talked to a bunch of bartenders and beverage directors to learn more about what strategies and factors affect the prices of our beloved craft cocktails. [READ]

Rapid-aging whiskey — sounds like a misnomer, right? It ages for as long as it ages. Well, maybe, maybe not. For PUNCH, I explored a new technology that promises to impart a whiskey with years' worth of barrel age in mere minutes. [READ]

Even though genuine absinthe has been back on the U.S. market since 2007, it still remains misunderstood (and shied away from) by so many drinkers. Which is a shame, because for anyone who appreciates a fine, thoughtfully crafted, artisanal spirit, absinthe ought to be the ultimate prize. The online drinks magazine PUNCH had me look into what avant-garde American producers were doing with absinthe, both to honor the long tradition of this storied alpine spirit and add to it by turning out innovative new absinthes reflecting their own personal tastes. [READ]